Doctor sattari vice president of science and technology at Yara kish

Digital content is a priority for technology development seriously

Dr sattari, during the visit of the various parts of the company, referring to the potential of our country in the field of e-commerce stating this area a priority serious about technology and entrepreneurship and technologists of our country, not only the capability well in domestic markets but also in international will have.



Chief of Staff of the development of culture, science, technology and economy Danshbnayn, the need to develop the field of culture, adding: culture technology that parallels it is important and in fact this area of creative industries culture so if the culture of the area to be considered, products this area will be in line with each trade and development.

Mohammad Mehdi Bhfrrad, CEO of the foundation, said the company's activities in the field of content writing and digital video games, design and manufacturing applications, integrated payment, the production of video games under platforms and mobile services in the field, trying to puzzle tech video games to forgive evolution.


This technology enabled, referring to the centrality of the new ideas for the production of Digital Space Technology said team consists of 150 people, technology and creative force in the country that year, in addition to the domestic market, also focusing on international markets.

The company is active ICT field since 1383, his work with the production of "Bazinama" and has started with the production of written and digital content arena, video games, part of our economy to enable the industry.


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